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~Evelyn XanponekonyikleYentl Kihipimarli 26.Nov.09 12:36 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 7.0.2 Windows XP

Hi everybody,

Does anybody know please, how to write in MS Word 2007 document's header and footer from Lotus Notes? I need to export data from Lotus Notes document in MS Word. I can create MS Word object and transfer the data from it to Word by I can't write in its header and footer.

This ist the Lotus Script code snippet:

Dim wordObject as Variant, actDoc as Variant
Dim oSec as Variant
Set wordObject = CreateObject ("Word.Application")
wordObject.Visible = True
Set actDoc = wordObject.ActiveDocument
Set oSec =actDoc.Sections(1)
oSec.PageSetup.DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter = False
oSec.Range.InsertAfter "Text on Page 1 (Section 1)"
'till here it works fine but the code last line causes an error
oSec.Footers(wdHeaderFooterFirstPage).Range.Text "Confidential"

It should write the text Confidential in footer but unfortunatelly it doesn't.

Does anyone have some idea please?
Thank you very much!

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